Christopher L. Keown, M.S.
Graduate Student
Cognitive Science, UCSD

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List of Publications

Yick-Lun So, A., Chaudhuri, A.A., Sookram, R., Minisandram, A., Cheng, D., Xie, C., Lim, L., Flores, Y.G., Jiang, S., Keown, C.L., Ramakrishnan, P., Baltimore, D. (2014). Dual mechanisms by which mir-125b represses IRF4 to cause myeloid and B-cell leukemia. Blood.

Fishman, I., Keown, C.L., Müller, R.-A. (2013). Atypical 'cross-talk' between mentalizing and mirror neuron networks in autism spectrum disorder. JAMA Psychiatry.

Keown, C.L., Nair, A., Datko, M., Shih, P., Keehn, B., Müller, R.-A. Impact of methodological variables on functional connectivity findings in autism spectrum disorders. Human Brain Mapping.

Keown, C.L., Shih, P., Nair, A., Peterson, N., Müller, R.-A. (2013). Local functional overconnectivity in posterior brain regions is associated with symptom severity in autism spectrum disorders. Cell Reports 5(3), 567-72.

Maximo, J.O., Keown, C.L., Nair, A., Müller, R.-A. (2013). Approaches to local connectivity in autism using resting state functional connectivity MRI. Frontiers in Human Neuroscience 7.

Chen, C.P., Keown, C.L., Müller, R.-A. (2013). Towards understanding autism risk factors: a classification of brain images with support vector machines. International Journal of Semantic Computing 7 (02): 205-13.

Di Martino, A., …, Keown, C.L., …, Milham, M.P. (2013). The autism brain imaging data exchange: towards a large-scale evaluation of the intrinsic brain architecture in autism. Molecular Psychiatry.

Shih, P., Keehn, B., Oram, J.K., Leyden, K.M., Keown, C.L. & Müller, R.-A. (2011). Functional differentiation of posterior superior temporal sulcus in autism: A functional connectivity MRI study. Biological Psychiatry 70, 270-7.