Christopher L. Keown, M.S.
Graduate Student
Cognitive Science, UCSD

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About Me

I was raised in Rockport, Indiana, and found the nearest exit—Bloomington, Indiana—after finishing high school. There, I attended Indiana University and completed a B.S. in computer science and a minor in German in 2003. Three days after graduation, I moved to San Francisco and spent six years living there, working as a web developer and data analyst at an online marketing company.

Missing school tremendously, I returned to academia and completed a masters program at San Diego State University in computational science. During this time, I did research at the Brain Development Imaging Laboratory with Dr. Axel Müller, where I studied brain connectivity in autism using fMRI.

Presently, I am working on a PhD in cognitive science at the University of California, which I hope to complete by 2018. I am primarily working with Dr. Eran Mukamel studying DNA methylation patterns in the brain. My hobbies include traveling, eating amazing food, learning foreign languages, and running half marathons.